About the Author

Dawn is a Forensic Document Examiner (FDE), a Forensic Handwriting Examiner (FHE), and has taught law enforcement officers the benefit of using handwriting forensics in their investigations and interviews of suspects and victims.  She has received a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, a Master’s in Criminal Justice Management and currently pursuing her MBA.  Prior to these accomplishments, she came from an IT background, so she has combined her education with her IT experience to forge a career in Corporate Cyber Security, working for organizations such as; the Fortune 500 Arrow Electronics, IBM, the Department of Energy at BPA, and now a Fortune 5 healthcare organization. 

However, none of that is as important as the new mission she has begun.

Her Passion

Something that has always stirred in her heart was the fight against child endangerment, child abductions, human trafficking, and parental alienation, which is very personal for her.  After researching these issues, she has found that there were others out there like her, leading her to speak out and share her own story of abduction, abuse, parental alienation, and the long-term effects as a result. 


In 2014, Dawn participated in research on child abductions, published by Professor Marilyn Freeman Ph. D. titled “Parental Abduction: The Long-Term Effects” for the Child Center by the Faculty of Law, Governance and Institutional Relations at London Metro University.  The long-term effects are common among anyone that has been abducted, which includes but are not limited to; a mutilated self-esteem, emotional immaturity, insecurity, lack of self-confidence, emotional distress, and an identity crisis.


Through all this discovery, what stood out to Dawn when children are pawns in these tragedies was that eventually the world moves on and the tragic ordeal is thought to fade away.  She sees the child and can empathize with their confusion and pain.  When the child is found, life tends to go back to normal.  All the news stops, camera crews move onto the next story, people go back to their lives, moms and dads go back to work.  All seems good except for the child, who just went through something like living in the Twilight Zone, something that Dawn can relate to personally.  They struggle to gain traction with reality, trying to cram two lives into one, yet being incapable of accomplishing the healing they need at such a young age.  It is a daunting task and without professional support, can be nearly impossible.

Parental Alienation

After meeting and speaking to more people like herself, Dawn realized the significance of being victimized by parental alienation.  After her mom abducted her from her father, her mom immediately began to replace him, erasing him from Dawn’s life. Her mom made a point of referring to her father by his first name and forced Dawn into calling her new husband dad, from the very beginning.  Overall, she continuously attempted to convince Dawn that her father was a dangerous and horrible person. The stories and actions taken are textbook pathogenic parenting and as a result, Dawn has missed more than 16,000 days with her father, while her mother remarried and set up life, as if it was all perfect.  A new husband, a new father for her daughter, and a step-sister, a new home, in a new city of a new state.  An all “new” life, but it was all far from perfect.

Sharing Her Story

Dawn has set out to share her story to help bring awareness not only to the “alienating” parents, but to the family court system and to the children who are a victim in this Pandemic.  This is a global issue, not only occurring in the US, so awareness is needed on a global scale.  Some awareness was all it took for her to learn the truth and begin to heal.  Something she wants for all children who are and/or who have suffered from the abuse from pathogenic parenting.

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