Child Information Safety Kits

The FBI estimates that at least 2300 children are reported missing every day. Parents need to begin educating their children about safety issues at a young age, starting around 3-4 years old.  Despite recent downward crime trends, parents are very concerned about the safety of their children.  

This kit helps to collect and organize information that involves your child, who they are in contact with, where they like to hang out, and almost any other detail you can imagine.  

In the event a child goes missing, these cards help speed up the investigation process that may otherwise take up to three weeks to get as far, using traditional methods. When a family is distraught, details escape and the questions are hard to answer.  These cards help get the investigation started, as soon as they are given to the investigators.  

You only need one kit per family. We hope that they will only be used as memorabilia of their childhood instead.

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